Somebody you know could be the perfect match for a patient in need of a bone marrow transplant. Please help us spread the message, click here.


How you can help patients in need

We need to make sure that there is enough supply of blood and blood components available for people across Wales who need it, this is how you can help patients in need, without donating!

Donating isn’t the only way to help, there are so many other ways you can make a lifesaving difference to patients.

Could you help us encourage people to donate with us? We’re looking for supporters who can help us by spreading the word and shouting about the importance of donating whether it’s blood, platelets, plasma or bone marrow.

Here are some of the ways you can help us to get the message out there and support people in Wales who need donations:

  • Display a poster at work or in your local area
  • Promote our donation clinics with family, friends and colleagues
  • Sharing resources about the lifesaving difference donating makes

Click the campaigns below for more information on how you can become a supporter.