Somebody you know could be the perfect match for a patient in need of a bone marrow transplant. Please help us spread the message, click here.

Fight Against Blood Cancer

We need more people to join us in the fight against blood cancer.

Are you aged 16-30, or of Black, Asian, mixed heritage or minority ethnic background and aged 16-45?

Did you know that 75% of patients in the UK won’t find a matching donor in their families.

What is it all about?

Everyday, stem cell registries across the world are searched by clinicians looking for the perfect match for their patients.

The bigger the registry, the greater the likelihood of matching a blood cancer or blood disorder patient with a suitable bone marrow donor.

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Here’s when blood cancer patient Rob, met his bone marrow donor, Tom.

What happens then?

If you are a potential match, we’ll need a blood sample for additional testing.

If you are then a successful match, there’s two ways you can donate, through apheresis where your blood is processed through a machine and given back to you, or via a donation made through your hip bone.

Whilst there are differences in the usefulness of both, the donor always has the final decision on how to donate.

Then relax, knowing you’re a hero to us, and many more people across the world!

There are two ways to join the registry.

Joining is simple. You can join the panel from the age of 16 up until your 31st birthday or, If you are of Black, Asian, mixed heritage or minority ethnic background you can join from 16 up until your 46th birthday.

We are calling all organisations across Wales to host a staff swab session to join us in our fight against blood cancer.

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